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Financial Independance and Retirement, Realizing The Difference

Wealth creation can be an often confusing topic and one of the reason’s is our percetption of the terms used in the financial management arena. One of the most misunderstood concepts is the reference to retirement.

When we think of retirement, we think of an old person, some time in the future, preparing to live their days out with nothing to do and no money to do it with. Retirement is another way to say financial independence. These terms are interchangeable but they have greatly differing perceptions in our minds.

Financial independence is often seen as some young guy with a hot business making money hand over fist. Words are incredibly important in coloring our perceptions. Our perceptions lead our beliefs and therefore our actions.

This short article serves to enlighten readers about the distinction between retirement and financial independence. To fully understand what I am speaking about, I want to ask you which you prefer. Do you want to be that future old person, living on welfare and having all the time in the world to do nothing. Or do you want to be the young person, getting their money now and living life to the full without ever a concern about money.

Financial independence and retirement are both the same thing. They mean the individual has a sufficient enough passive income, to live a good lifestyle without needing to work for a living. This can be in the form of a very large nest egg delivering bank interest returns. Or it can mean a business has been built utilizing systems so the business runs itself without the operator needing to work in it. Or it can mean living on welfare.

Here is the point. When you talk about retiring, your mind instantly thinks government subsidized life style. It is about working a long time, waiting until you get old and then claiming your right to receive your dues from the government. Financial independence is different. Your mind immediately thinks, working smart not hard. It means becoming the originator and the source of a good business or investment activities that make you rich now. Not living off welfare in 40 years time.

Word’s are important and using the right words when you think about the future will dictate your actions. Retirement is about waiting. Financial independence is about action now.

Web Hosting For a Smaller Business – How to Put Your Business on the Web

For sure, if you are counting on a maximum web presence for your promotional investment with regards to your smaller to mid size business then good consideration should be given to the web host that you use. If you were just an individual looking to share your interests or a hobby with others on the net it really wouldn’t make much difference what web host you selected but being that you are a for profit business then there are a number of things that you should consider.

At the present time there are literally thousands upon thousands of web hosing providers who are all competing for your business and they all have so many different services and tools to offer in a wide variety of price ranges, so it can be some what confusing. The first thing that you have to take into account is the type of website that you are setting up, because this matters a lot when determining your web hosting needs.

For instance if your website is going to be less than one-hundred pages and isn’t going to contain any multimedia content such as streaming videos then a standard plan which many hosts refer to as an entry level plan might be all that you need. You can easily find a web host with this type of plan for somewhere in the area of $5 per month or so.

One other option that you might consider is what is commonly referred to as “shared hosting”due to its afford ability. These plans are available in the $10 price range and usually have lots of feature advantages such as high storage capacity and broad bandwidth. Of course knowing the exact amount of bandwidth that you will be needing is dificult if not imposible to determine exactly however; there is a basic formula that you can use for “guestimating”.

You simply estimate the approximate size of the pages in your website and them multiply that by the number of pages that you think that you will be ending up with. Of course bandwidth, gigabytes and price should not be the only thing that you take into consideration when selecting a web hosting service for your website.

If your website is a site that you are using for clients to refer to in your community and you won’t be doing any real Internet marketing on it then you won’t have to really concern yourself with SEO or search engine optimization. However if you are going to rely heavily on Internet marketing for your business then you may want to think about SEO when you are selecting a web hosing service.

There are a few strategies to take with regards to your web host and SEO. One option is to locate a web host that provides SEO services and in that case you will want to research carefully what options that they provide. Another option for considerations is if you plan on doing your own SEO and in that case you will want to make sure that your web hosting service provides the basic tools that you will need for doing your own SEO.